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WHAT THIS BOOK IS: I believe it’s a breath of fresh air to those who have also seen or have experienced the lies, misleading rhetoric, unethical and manipulative sales tactics of some real estate agents. This book is my documented approach to serving my clients better and taking a higher road that actually puts my client's needs first. It's about how to apply the shrewd investment advice and philosophy of the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, to the sale of real estate, specifically, your home.

WHAT THIS BOOK DOES: The traditional approach that most agents take is, at worst, destructive and costly, and at best, mediocre and still costly. This book steers you away from that inferior price-driven approach to a more sophisticated value-driven approach. Through the application of Warren Buffett’s core principles and by treating your home as an investment—like a business with a stock price—there is a unique way to extract up to $30,000 or more of additional profit from any home on the market.

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wrote this book to help homeowners. Also, to raise money for charities. This book is not for sale. You can’t find it in bookstores or on Amazon. It’s free. I’m giving it away. All I ask, when someone requests a free copy, is that they pay the gift forward. I don’t want your $15 for the book. I just want you to donate $5 to a charity of your choice... to help others and inspire good!

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